Friday, September 27, 2013

The Future Choice Teases Us with lots of Funny Cuteness

New drama teasers are releasing every day now ... the new season of dramas started already with these trailers and stills. KBS released the first teaser of The Future choice and it's cutely funny. Though I'm not fully satisfied with this but it is way better than the first one of The Heritors. By the way our three main leads are looking good together.

First Teaser: 

Credit: KBS, uploader

Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Evening Date Stills From Future Choice

Yoon Eun Hye shoots her first scene with Jung Yong Hwa as a sweet evening date. Though it'll take some time to adjust my eyes with Eun Hye's ajumma curly hair, she looks so fresh here. I'm desperately waiting for her good drama, kind of tired of waiting. On the other hand Yong Hwa never earns any attention with his acting. Hope, he'll take this chance to improve his acting and will have a fine chemistry with his leading ladies.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Inheritor aka Heirs Published First Teaser

One of the most anticipated and star studded drama The Inheritor (Heirs) is ready to take the floor. The first teaser is released but I'm not moved by this . It didn't looked like a first look of a upcoming drama, for me it's looked like a every day preview of next episode. Actually I think , expectation was more, so the disappointment. Here is some information about this drama to warm up before it's premier.

Name : The Heirs/ Inheritors / The One Trying To wear The Crown, Withstand The Weight

Episode: 20

Release date: October 9th 2013

Broadcast day: Wed- Thurs day

First Teaser:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Heaven's Will Episode 2 Video Preview

So, Heaven's Will started its journey yesterday and I'm still waiting for the subs. Therefore I'm in no position  to say whether it's good or not. But the rating says it has good start if not the best. So I'm totally optimistic that I may not be disappointing and wuri Dong Wookie deserves a hit drama .....