About Us

I am a girl of  mid twenties, trying to enjoy each moment of my life. Crazy about music, reading novels,movies and k-dramas.

Thought I believe in life :

            Positive thinking

                                          sees the invisible,

             feels the intangible,

                                                and can achieve the



Hi guys, I am Vanny, though there is nothing much to say about me, but apart from hectically busy in my daily life the one thing I love to do is watching movies(specially romantic). Being a complete movie buff I have tasted movies of different countries but among them I like watching Korean movies and dramas.
             Though  I am not a regular writer of this blog but I am thankful to Dt who took me with her in this journey to share my thoughts and information mainly about entertainment world, the only thing I am specialized in , with you all. So keep visiting our blog and enjoy……..

Thought I believe in life:
Don't be afraid to different

Let what you love be what you do

Always follow your heart and be happy