Sunday, August 28, 2011

Full House Episode 2

Hi, guys I am back again with Full House episode two. It's long time since I posted first episode . But, as a new amateur blogger it is very much tough job . I pray some consideration. This drama introduced me to Korean culture. So, when I first time watched it I was very much interested to know a new different social antiquate. But now, when I am  familiar with K-drama, I think Full House is a quite modern drama with basic Korean social principle.
The second episode is the base of the entire drama. It placed the foundation stone for future development. Lots of incidents happened some of them are quite shocking leading the story progress fast.The thing I like most is the story revolves around the OTP (Original True Pair) and less sub plots.

Episode 2 recap:

 They meet again . Both look in horror to each other. When Han Ji Eun calls it her bad luck he suspects her as a stalker. They sit and try to solve this situation. Han Ji Eun tries to make him understand that this house is the only thing she has, even hilariously offers publishing right of her novel to return his money. Young Jae calls her insane and throws her out of the house.

On the next morning he finds her sleeping in front of the house. At first he tries to get her out  but she is  unconscious due to fever. He brings her in the house and comforts her. Young Jae acts quite attentive and caring, even feels bad when she moans for mom. Han Ji Eun recovers on the next morning.

She pretends very sick when he goes out to attend his business. But the minute he steps out of the house she jumps  in to food and makes the whole kitchen messy. In the mean time Young Jae returns and she pretends nothing is happened. But this time he notices the mess and understands the whole thing. Han Ji Eun still tries to pretend but this time does not buy it and orders to clean the house.

He feels pity for her and gives her money to find a place to stay. But Han Ji eun 's pride hurts she is very much angry and leaves the house cursing him. This rejection makes him angry and he threats her. Leaving the house Han Ji Eun sits at the bus stop, but she has no where to go. Then Young Jae gets call to go out and finds her at the bus stop. He curiously waits for her to get on a bus ,but when she doesn't get on any he understands that she really has none and no place  to go. Then he does a very unusual thing, he invites her to get on his car. But Han Ji Eun is still angry , rejects him again.

Since Young Jae feels sympathy for her and understands her hurt ego, he makes an excuse of returning his money which she borrowed in China. This time Han Ji eun has nothing to say and she returns with him. Young Jae offers to return his money by working as his house keeper and she agrees. But , he gives her a very tough schedule and tells  her to clean the house perfectly as he is cleanliness freak. Han Ji Eun Starts her work . She calculates that she has to do this job at least 52 days to repay her debt and gets depressed. In the mean time she is also informed that her cheater friends make her  deep in debt by issuing fake credit card.  She can't  reach them but luckily gets a clue to catch them at the hospital  on the next day.

Young Jae  meets Hye Won and she informs him that she is going to New York to study and may not return. This rings alarm in Young Jae's head and he buys a ring to propose. Later , at the night Young Jae is practicing to propose Hye Won and Han Ji Eun misunderstands it as a script line. She even laughs at it calling it corny. Young Jae gets angry and bans her from coming out of the room after 9 pm.

Next day , Han Ji Eun is waiting for her con friends and she chases them but they make her fool again . She is devastated and cries.

On the other hand , Young Jae is  waiting for Kang Hye Won reserving the whole restaurant . He plans to propose her planting the ring in the dessert. She arrives and curious about the empty restaurant. But Young jae wants to say something after the dinner.

The restaurant staffs are very much excited about it and one of them informs the reporter. In the mean time her phone rings, its Min Hyuk  obviously. He is in her shop and Hye Won happily ditches Young Jae after apologizing for this time.Young Jae can't bear this, he chases her and speaks the wrong words, still can't express his feeling. He asks her if she likes Min Hyuk and also says that she means nothing to Min Hyuk. This Causes anger to her and Hye Won warns him not to meddle in her business and swears to make Min Hyuk to like her.

Young Jae  and Han Ji Eun come back in pretty much pissy mood. they ends up drinking together. Han Ji Eun is very much sad and cant find reason for their behavior. Young Jae acknowledges her feelings and share his heart with her under cover as a story of movie script. It brings back her form and she concluded this depressing story with her hilarious writer's brain. Young Jae gets irritated but it lifts his spirit.

On the next morning the rumour is spread about the ruined proposal and young jae is pissed off naturally. Han Ji Eun also gets the news and irritates him assuming different models and actresses as his rumored fiancee. At the time of cleaning the house she gets the ring and tries to match the pieces. She shows it to Yong Jae who gets angry again and throwes it out. The launch day Min Hyuks Magazine comes and Han Ji Eun is inrested to attend the party as it will give her to meet different publisher for her novel. But Young Jae is not interested . he curtly declines her request. She gets angry and tries to hit him.

Young Jae leaves to attend the party giving her instruction to do work. Han Ji Eun is pretty depressed about it  while cleaning the house. Then like, a bulb lights in the brain, she searches for the invitation card and hurriedly goes to attend the party.

At the party Young Jae identifies her very soon and tries to scold her for not listening his order. But she is not at all scared. She accidentally meets Min Hyuk and he cordially aknowledges her. He even listens to her story after knowing her purpose for attending this party. Min Hyuk is very much amused by the story .

On the other hand Kang Hye Won also arrives in the party . She notices Young Jae  but keeps safe distance. Hye Won goes to meet Min Hyuk and finds him with Han Ji Eun happily chatting. Jealousy rises causing anger. She demands the reason of Min Hyuk's behavior and makes confession. But Min Hyuk politely rejects her and reminds her that Young Jae likes her very much.

This Makes her even more angry and she goes to Young Jae. She calls him in front of every one and demands Young Jae's confession. Young Jae is hurt but can't let his ego down .

He answers .. " I like you very much . . . . . . .. Han Ji Eun!!!!!!!!!!" and suddenly kisses her shocking everybody.

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