Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Full House Episode 4

This episode reveals different side of Young Jae's character. Here our OTP fought  up to blood shed, share their feelings like friends and Young Jae for the first time feels lonely in the absence of Han Ji Eun. If the portion where Hye won is back on the track is  not there, it is just time for Han Ji Eun to make some happy memories when Young Jae starts to care about her. It is so sweet that he cares for her but doesn't want to show it.

So, the episode starts with the arrival of Hye Won at  Young Jae's house. He doesn't like it but Han Ji Eun cordially attends their guest. When Han Ji Eun is busy in the house Hye Won who is not happy to see what makes  Young Jae busy, asks why he doesn't inform her about his new home.  Young Jae rudely says that it is not necessary for him to inform her. So they make some cold  conversation and Hye Won leaves angrily. In the mean time, Han Ji Eun gets call from a publisher and she happily agree to meet her immediately. She rushes to inform  Young Jae and gets surprised to see him alone. she boasts about her writing skill when  Young Jae makes fun of her as a writer.

Han Ji Eun meets the publisher with lots of hope, but gets only disappointment . the the publisher is only interested in  Young Jae's story, he asks her to write something on her husband and she angrily declines. Then she stops by Min Hyuk 's office an sends her novel to him.

Pissed off Han Ji Eun returns while  Young Jae is sleeping on the bench.he  asks about her novel, but she says that she is still thinking about it.  Young Jae gets the real picture and again jokes about her writing capability. suddenly Han Ji Eun finds the ring which  Young Jae has thrown that day and cheerfully exclaims that her day is not a total waste. Young Jae gets angry and calls her a beggar. then the two adult children fight like crazy and  Young Jae is injured by Han Ji Eun's biting. 

Young Jae is like on fire, he goes to Han Ji Eun's room and asks her to leave the house. But she is not scared at all she reminds him about the rules of their contract that at the time of divorce Han Ji Eun will get the house and asks him to leave her house.  Young Jae clears her misunderstanding about getting divorce, he says he is not divorcing her, he is only asking her to leave the house. he throws her out and poor Han Ji Eun goes to her friends' place when they are busy in planning to earn money using  Young Jae's name.

Next day  Young Jae is doing his chores by himself and is still angry. He throws the brush of Han Ji Eun which reminds him of  her , kicks her bike as well. On the other hand Han Ji Eun gets call for  Young Jae and she angrily yells at them that she has nothing to do with him and this next day its on the paper. the manger informs about it and asks  Young Jae to work with Hye Won. Then Hye Won calls him and they  make up . At the bar Hye Won asks  if she is more important person than Han Ji Eun in his life (bi###) .  Young Jae is surprised but answers positively. He also makes a promise to not to let her hand go until she wants. So, after lots of fooling around  Young Jae comes back to Full house and feels the emptiness . He puts the brush back, even goes to Han Ji Eun's room and learns that her birthday is coming. 

Han Ji Eun gets a call from  Young Jae's manager asking to bring lunch for them. while Young Jae is busy in his photo shoot Han Ji Eun arrives at the studio. The manager announces that Young Jae's wife has brought lunch for all of them and  Young Jae is surprised. Then in the next scene we see that both of them are awkwardly sitting together for an interview while others are enjoying food. The host exclaimed about their shyness and says to feed each other for taking photos. But it causes a competition of feeding each other. it is pretty hilarious, while every body is thinking this as a loving gesture , they are actually trying to choke each other to death.  Young Jae even kisses on her chick when her mouth is stuffed with kimbup.

The manger advises Han Ji Eun to be more careful about her position as Young Jae's wife. Han Ji Eun notices her novel at managers desk to which she says that is a crap not knowing that it is her novel and Han Ji Eun is sad. In front of studio Young Jae is waiting for her, he even forgets about the lunch date with Hye Won. In the car Han Ji Eun is pretty sad and silent,  Young Jae takes it as a result of the managers scolding and tries to comfort . But she reveals that it is for her poor writing skill. she even says that it is poorer than his gossip stories and sighs that Young Jae is right about her ability.  Young Jae senses her sadness and denies it.

It's Han Ji Eun's birth day , Young Jae surprised to see no seed weed soup in breakfast. Actually Han Ji Eun has forgot about it and asks him how he knows about it.  Young Jae ignores it and asks about her plan. she happily says that she wants to go magic land with her friends.  Young Jae gets upset when she discards  him from her plan. She explains that as  Young Jae is a celebrity, it is not possible for him to go. He frowns as if he wants to go and informs that he will be  very busy whole day. Han Ji Eun is very happy about it .  Young Jae orders to clean the house before going out. But in the mean time Han Ji Eun gets a call from Min Hyuk and cancels her plan to celebrate. Instead she meets Min Hyuk.

Min Hyuk says that her writing is very poor and even doubts that it is copied from internet. Han Ji Eun is just can't take it any more , burst out at him and says that she will write until death. But Min Hyuk later informs that it is not not total crap ,there is some possibility and hires her to write synopsis.  Young Jae's time is not passing at all, actually he has nothing in schedule and I can say that he has kept the day free to celebrate her birthday. At last he can't stop himself to go to magic land and find Han Ji Eun. But she is not there and even enjoying dinner with Min Hyuk.At magic land  Young Jae is caught by fans and then rescued by his men. Pretty much depressed  Young Jae returns home and finds Han Ji Eun is not back yet.

Min Hyuk drops Han Ji Eun at home and  Young Jae orders to cook rice. Han Ji Eun got very upset until she notices that Young Jae went to magic land. Young Jae weakly tries to deny it but Han Ji Eun is now feeling sorry for him . She asks  Young Jae to go magic land and  he gets special permission for three hours because it is already closed for that night. Han Ji Eun is expert in ice skating but Young Jae can not do it . She teaches him and they spend quality time with each other. Later Han Ji Eun informs about her new job and her goal in life.  Young Jae is pretty understanding about it and they cheer each other.

Next morning both of them are in good mood and Han Ji Eun gets her only birthday gift on the desk.  A pen and a recorder for writers. He encourages her to touch people's heart by her writing. But Han Ji Eun is touched here, she hurriedly goes to find him but he is  already went his way  to work. Han Ji Eun is recording her thought about  Young Jae, that sometimes he is so good to her and some time he is so mean. Suddenly door bell rings and Han Ji Eun finds grandma and  Young Jae's mom at the door . She is shocked and  grandma is yelling to her to get out of the house.

My Thought: 
I think this episode Han Ji Eun got to know about the good and soft side of Young Jae which made her confused. But it is really enjoyable to watch that when Young Jae is pretty uncomfortable to show that he  cares for Han Ji Eun , Han Ji Eun is very clearly understands his feelings. So, on a sweet note see you next time but only God knows When.


  1. Aww seems like your recap ended here... Thank you anyways for the wonderful four episodes :)

  2. I hope you continue posting full house recaps until episode 16 because it's very helpful to many BiKyo and Full House fans like me.. please keep it up??? Huhuhu, but all in all, thank you very much because you made a wonderful post!!~ <3