Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ha Ji Won Wears Best In The King 2 Hearts

Having  seen most of the dramas and movies of  Ha Ji Won, I can say that The King 2 Hearts makes her most beautifully dressed. It is only 6th episode and she already wore some of most beautiful dresses. Although she looks great in even military uniform, she becomes eye candy in those simple but fashionable clothes. It is sure that after the end of this drama wardrobe of Hang Ah will be a treasure.


This is style in North Korean context. It is stylish but expresses the conservative nature. On the other hand when she steps in South Korean her clothes become more stylish and modern it gives the feel of South Korean  openness. And with the grace she carries herself Ha Ji Won looks like a very gorgeous and beautiful princess.

She does look exhausted in the next photo wearing the traditional dress.

And at end of the post I can't help but whine about that its already Wednesday  and no TK2H. Why South Korea has to do election. Doesn't they already have a King!!!! Just kidding ........

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