Wednesday, May 30, 2012

adt's smallworld : First Birth day

Guess what ! It's the first birthday of adt's smallworld. It was exactly one year ago I started this blogging adventure and this journey is amazing. To be honest I'm not that expressive type. Lurking through the websites and being a silent reader of different threads and blogs are the most suitable and enjoyable thing for me. On such a day enjoyment I created this blog only out of curiosity and this was the starting. I knew nothing about how to post or organize my blog and first few months passed only to learn it (and still learning ... ). But this opportunity to know something new gives some strange satisfaction and it  introduced me to the world of people who are also passionate about the things of my interests. It really feels great. your visit, comments , information are very encouraging. 
I hope in future I can celebrate many Birthdays of  adt's smallworld with you guys. Thanks for visiting . Plz drop by again and share your thoughts about this blog, post or any other thing you want to share. Have fun !!

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