Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Celebrating the First B'day with Bunch of Movies

Hiiiiiiii …..  Friends , we all know today adts smallworld successfully completed its 365 days journey in the bloggers world. Though the journey was not that easy as a beginner but it was a amazing experience for me and in this special day I wanna thank u all for being there with us because your support encourage us a lot. So keep supporting through your continuous visit and comment and hope to celebrate many more birthdays together with u all.
Though me and Dt are in party mood today but I want to celebrate it by involving myself in blogging today. Soooooo …..I'm  gonna make a list of movies which I recently watched and liked. Enjoy it…….

Love Phobia(2006) – A Korean melodrama
What do you think what pure love is? “ Its when you love one person for the rest of your life”. Yes, that the definition of love, which a little boy Jo Kang heard from his father and when his eyes meets the little girl Ari, wearing a yellow raincoat in a bright autumn day, leaves a great impact on him and he holds her memory rest of his life. This movie shows all the emotion of love, “Pure Love”. 

Though their love story moves over  the years span as Ari keep appearing and disappearing from Jo Kang’s life but the real life couple Cho Seung Woo (Jo kang) and Kang Hae Jung (Ari) create a great chemistry  and it is so convincing which I think carries the flow of the movie. The movie has lots of magic moments with some interesting and unusual ideas. Like the story about her being cursed,  thinking herself as an alien, the stories about lizards, their long name, the reasons for her strange behavior etc.are very cleverly done which manage to create our curiosity about the characters and make it colorful at the same time.
 But I have to say it’s ending is bit strange which upset the tone of the whole move or may be makes the movie special in a certain way. I don’t know whatever it is, I love the movie and you will shed a bucket of tears for sure. My rating will be  7.5/10.


                   It is a Japanese romantic movie based on music. The story is about an indie rock band with 4 young boys and a girl, who straggled hard with their uncertain future, musical talents, complex friendship and egos, their experience in love and hardship in real life. They are not quite sure where they fit in and trying to find themselves in life, and their aimlessness left them lonely which create all the complexities.

Though there is a lot of thing which is not clearly told in the story but Bandage is an interesting watch for me mainly because of the character of Natsu (Akanishi Jin), the main lead. The character has a unique personality and attitude in the movie. He is carefree, troubled, who cannot be tamed, does things in his own way but yet talented. Though the romance in not so great here, but  the way he shows his feeling towards Asako, the female lead, is interesting. His own strange and laid-back way to love her involve me in the film. I like his cute and adorable character here and it may not be a perfect movie but I would like to watch it again. The music is very good also not to mention as because it’s a music based movie. My rating will be  6/10. Give it a try……

Kiss me Kill me(2009) – Korean movie
                 Honestly telling you I was not quite sure weather to watch the movie or not after watching the trailer because  both the leads (Shin Hyun-jun and Kang Hye-jeong) were looking completely messy and gloomy in the trailer.  So I kept it in wait and this year I happen to watch it and beyond my expectation it’s a complete package of romance, comedy, thriller and action flick.The fresh approach and the strong performances make it a likeable movie for me. 

The story is about Jin Young who is devastated after her break up and wants to kill herself. She tries every means for suicide but couldn’t die and finally hair a professional killer to kill herself. But the killer Hyun Jun, an unsocial quite confused guy, makes his first mistake and fall in love with his target and create a interesting love story. The ending is also quite good. All in all it’s a fun and entertaining movie and my rating will be  7/10.

Engeyum Eppodhum (Anywhere Anytime) 2011 – An Indian Tamil movie
                                   The story involves two couples from two different part of the country who comes together at the climex in a road accident. Though the movie is centered on the accident but the romantic tale of the two couple(Amudha – Gautam and  Kadhiresan - Manimegalai ) are brilliantly shown.

On the first story a lost, innocent, naive village girl Amudha comes to know a sophisticated stranger city boy (Gautam) when she arrives in the city, completely unaware of city life, for a job interview. To help with her interview Gutam accompany her for the entire day and in the course of the day, she comes to understand him as a person and becomes fond of him. In the other story Kadhiresan, a shy gentle soft spoken guy, loves secretly Manimegalai , a bold outspoken girl, who is very practical in life. Though  I like the Amudha – Gautam track, there is more simplicity and realism in the characters, but the Kadhiresan - Manimegalai track is humorous and witty.
Its a genuinely heart-warming refreshing story, not just only romance, its also carries lots of massages about life, death and road safety. Life is uncertain, anything can happen anywhere anytime, so value your life and drive safely. For me it’s a much watch movie and my rating will be  8/10.

Flipped (2010)- a Hollywood movie

It’s a preteen periodic romantic tale of Bryce Loski and Juli Baker. At age 7 Bryce comes to live in Juli’s neighborhood  and when Juli first time meet Bryce his dazzling eye make her fall for him and since than she started stalking him. But for Bryce, Juli Baker was nothing but “the beginning of more than half a decade of strategic avoidance and social discomfort” and all he ever want is for Juli Baker to leave him alone. 

Until now Juli Baker has always seem plain to him but everything changes when they grown up. Things flipped, Juli come to find about Bryce feeling and by than Bryce starts falling for her.
Yes indeed its very simple and predictable but the approach is commendable, all thoughts and feelings are shown from two different angle, means from Juli’s and Bryce’s side differently about the same thing which I think quite interesting. Both the character find themselves and experience a lot of things while entering in the adolescent. its innocent, sweet, and comfortable. For me it’s a delightful watch and my rating will be 9/10.

The Kids Are All Right (2010)- a Hollywood movie
 Let me tell you first its an post modern, offbeat, unusual romantic drama. The story is about a lesbian couple( Nic and Jules), their two children Joni (18 year old) and Laser (15 year old), and Paul, their sperm donor father .
Like other normal family, Nic and Jules have a perfect family, where Nic, a physician, controls her family and Jules plays the role of a housewife taking care of the kids. Things get complicated when Laser's curiosity make Paul's entry in their live. Poul is in his late 30's, he is carefree, without having a family and love to live in this own way. Being involved with his kids he started desiring a family, something he never realizes he wants and blows into their life which stirs their family.
I know the plot is different but you can give it a try. My rating for this movie will be 6/10.

That's all for today, I am ending my review session here. Hope you all enjoy it. I will try to post a 2nd part of movie reviewing soon. Feel free to comment and suggest.

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