Thursday, May 3, 2012

Preview of Episode 15 The King 2 Hearts (Updated)

Text Preview:
You've to believe me and I… I’ll believe you

The North-South Korean team  is accomplishing the operation unitedly. USA team chases Kang Seok who is trying to lead them to a distant place, and Hang Ah leads the negotiation with the USA team. On the other hand Jae Ha is trying to break into the communication center and supply depot of US team.
Jae Sin asks Eun Si Kyung if John Meyer killed Jae Kang and now she is willing to receive treatment to recover the memory.

(Credit : imbc)

Video Preview:

HA: What will you do if they don't surrender ?

JH: We'll blow it up; All of it.

SK: Where is the princess?

SK: What kind of Jerk.

JH: These 2 are enough.

JH: First, you explode one by one and give pressure them.

HA: If any problem occurs ?

JH: If you can negotiate take two of them back; I will try.

JH: We have 20 min left until the end of the mission, let's start

JH: I can do it.

HA: You'll not be able to communicate.

HA: Your communication facilities are blown up.

JH: You know, it can't pass 8 o'clock.

HA: Lee Jae Ha comrade....I love you.

(Credit : kingslover team @ viki)

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