Friday, July 20, 2012

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 17 Preview and Spoilers

At last Saranganda Seo Yi Soo.... thats all I needed to hear. So, only this half minute preview made my day. Unfortunately  I'll be out of town, so very little chance to watch this weekends episodes... Hope I'll catch up soon.

Video Preview:

Transelation By baidu and dc

TS:go back to US
MR:no,im not going back
TS:that's why i warned you over and over again.

YS:why are you not wearing the shoes i gave you?
DJ:what shoes?
YS:then,why u sent me an invitation?
DJ:what invitation?

YS:it's all over now.

MR:can you not win over my brother?can't you do without him in your life?
Y:study hard and take care.

DJ:im sorry to pretend not to love you even though i do.
DJ:i love you seo yi soo

Some BTS stills:

Credit: Uploader,  Baidu and dc, khxy(soompi), as labelled

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