Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big Episode 10 Raw

Gil Daran finally realized that she has feelings for KJ. But both of them are trying to hide their emotions and some misunderstandings  keeping them apart, some of them are created by Mari .  She was cute and harmless before but now she is getting my nerves. I want to pluck her out of the story.There was also a switch back attack again but nothing is changed yet. I'm frustrated waiting for them to switch back.  I really want them to establish their relation when the soul is in proper place. On the other hand I want to see Gong Yoo getting his lady in dramas , I'm totally confused here. 

I can be biased for Gong Yoo, but I've no such preference between GY- LMJ and SWH-LMJ pair. The both pair have chemistry on screen . But  I'm definitely not a Yoo- Min shipper off screen. For me GY belongs to his Coffee princess. : D
Here is the 10th episode of Big. Enjoy !

Big Episode 10:

Part 1

Part 2

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