Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spoiler Alert : Happy BTS Stills From Upcoming Episodes Of A Gentleman’s Dignity

I'm feeling giddy by these BTS photos. Finally it seems our dearest couple is back together and I'm smiling ear to ear. The last  move by Yi Soo is soo ... touching and effective, kudos to the writer for this heart warming scene. I'm not that fond of secret garden but here I really like her detailed work, every word every movement has its purpose . She made every character meaningful and no side characters are felt extra here. We have four love stories and the most heart touching Friendship. Some people may call it with lack of plot but I like the way writer tell this simple story... After Big I banned myself from watching any soul swap, time travel,  disease involved drama and drama with shitty female lead character. But then is there any drama left  for me ???

BTS Stills :

Here For The Yoon- Me Ahri Fans

Is She Leaving ???????

(Source : DCSinsa, Soompi)

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