Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To The Beautiful You ...... Spoilers For The Ending Episodes

Finally, we've reached the last week of To The Beautiful You. Now that Eun Gyol is already found that Jae Hee is a girl ,the story reaches the climax. The only thing I'm eager to watch how Tae Joon reveals that he knows about real Jae Hee and expresses his heart felt emotions to her. But I'll be mad if PD nim doesn't give enough skin ships like hand holding, hugs, and kisses ... I bet you know  what I mean ... ha ha. But the spoiler raised my hopes to Sky limits. I think EG will also get a date with JH after reconciliation .... at least this much he should get..are you guys agree with me ... So spoil yourself ...... 
Eun Gyol rescues Jae Hee from exposed by the dorm leaders . Lee Hyun Woo and Sulli's "locker room hug" was filmed on September 27th at the set of "To The Beautiful You" in Gwangju, GyungGi-do.

Then comes our OTP spoilers.

Looks like they are on aquarium date .... holding hands enjoying the day with full energy. So cute, but I want more ... as if I'll ever be satisfied by watching this cutie pie couple even in 160 weeks ..   here it goes .... 

But, I'm so depressed by the thought of only two remaining episode .. andwe ... image

Any way, I will share the raw episode after the actual airing... image

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