Friday, November 9, 2012

Missing You : First Week

One of my most anticipated drama Missing You has premiered this week. To get excited about a drama only the presence of Yoon Eun Hye is enough for me, here I got bonus of Yoo Seung Ho and the bunch of child actors who already are in my good books. About Park Yoo Chun I'm not sure , but I really want to like him as Eun Hye's leading man. Only time can answer whether he will make my good book or not. I'm totally a rom-com girl. Melodrama are not really my type of drama but I'm ready to stuck with  Missing You as its a Eun Hye drama.

OST By Wax:

 For the first episode Missing You is heavier than my expectation. With my limited experience of melodrama I thought it would start with lighter tone to follow the angst. But from the first scene we get brutal father of LSY our heroin. Then came typical melo plot with evil step mom , kidnapping, and lots of tears. This episode is to prepare the base of the story, to make understand the background of the characters, from where they originally belong. These younger artists just have done their job perfectly, but I missed something new in the first episode with the story telling in Missing You.

Then the second episode gave what I really wanted to watch, the Yong love. The whole interaction of the young couple is so sweet. From the start of their friendship it is just adorable. When LSY is so happy to have a friend at last, she makes it clear to keep it as a secret friendship to protect HJW from bashing. On ther hand HJW is just to good to be true, he doesn't care to be bashed for his friend. Bullsh**tting the secret friendship idea he has won my heart.Then they bonded over their scar and pain .This friendship turns to a budding first love in no time when HJW was kissed by LSY unintentionally and unconsciously in sleep. From that time HJW  started to see LSY differently. His expression after the kiss so cute and well acted.

The favorite scene of mine is the last one when LSY writes I Miss You on the wall and then she smiles to grown up HJW. PYC's acting in that moment touched my heart. In fact I'm just feeling giddy anticipating the first encounter of our grown up lead couple. I just worried about the logical and sensible reason which has separate them in earlier days. The other two actors who caught my attention are the detective or police and his daughter. That girl was awesome when she met HJW for the first time. So, as whole it is settled that I'm aboard. Missing You Aza aza!!

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