Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Full House Episode 1

It is said that one could fall in love many times during the course of a lifetime, but the first rush of love always holds a special place in our hearts. The novelty of the feeling, like the first drop of dew on an untouched leaf, makes it special and unforgettable . No, no I am not here to discuss my love(?) life. It's only to introduce my first viewed  Korean drama- the one and only Full House , the drama bewitched me and is one of my favorites till date.

As Full House was  my first Korean drama I was not at all acquainted with Korean language, tradition and society while I was watching it . It took at least 2-3 times watching to fully understand it, because I was crazy to understand every little details. But the drama is worthy of  it. So, many times I searched for episode recaps  on net but found nothing to feed my hunger.  Therefore, I am here to take the opportunity to talk about my first Korean drama and share my thoughts. It gives me the chance to live the pleasure moments once again with you all drama lovers. It is my first recapping so plz be patient with my excellent grip on English and try to feel my heart.  AZA AZA FIGHTING.....

Before entering the main story here is little introduction of the main characters.

Han Ji eun:  a naive and clumsy wanna be writer lives alone in a grand house, named Full House. Song Hye Kyo played this role.

Lee Young Jae: He is a famous movie star with prince like attitude, stubbornness and a cleanliness freak. it is portrait by Bi /Rain.

Yoo Min Hyuk: He is a perfect man with good looks, manners and wealth played by Kim Sung Soo. He is head of a company and sunbae of Lee Young Jae.

Kang Hye Won: Rich and beautiful fashion designer played by Han Eun Jung. She is friend of both Young Jae and Min Hyuk.

Episode 1 recap: 

Han ji eun was busy writing her novel with total dedication oblivious that her house was a total mess. She was roaming around and the story was like streaming in her head. But  she got disturbed by her couple friends Hee Jin and Dong-Wook. The couple was having baby, but they couldn't afford it. So they made a plan to survive and give Han Ji eun a first class plane ticket to  visit China. Naive Han Ji Eun took this opportunity to broad her writer mind. But she didn't know what was waiting for her in the future.On the other hand popular movie star Lee young Jae was also heading for China for his film. He used to be pretty much hot topic on gossip column. 

On the plane Han ji eun luckily sit beside Young Jae. She was very happy and egarly wanted to make acquainted with him. But he was very reluctant to it and ignored her all attempts. She ate beyond her capacity and vomit on Young Jae. So with the whole journey she became uncontrollable nightmare to him until he changed his seat.   

In the airport Han Ji Eun tried to return his shirt but security didn't allow her. She waited for hotel staff to pick her up but after several hours of waiting she decided to go to the hotel herself. At the hotel reception she faced great language difficulty. Here she met Lee Min Hyuk for the first time. She assumed that he was Japanese and teased him in Korean. But some time later he helped her getting room and spoke fluent Korean and she was embarrassed to die.

But her problem didn't solve yet, she had no cash to pay the hotel or to fly back to Korea.She tried to call her friends but they were unavailable. She got panicked and at last  the shirt of Young Jae gave her an idea. She was aware that he stayed in the same hotel and Min Hyuk was his friend. She rushed to his room and requested to  help her as a fellow country man. But, he was too hard to convince and threatened her not to knock again.Then she got an idea to get Min Hyuk's phone no from Young Jae. Mention of Min Hyuk's name caught Young Jae's interest and Han Ji Eun also sensed this and  made instant love story. Young Jae was very curius about it and agreed to help her. Han Ji Won was so relieved and  safely returned to country.

After returning home Han Ji Eun was shocked that her house was empty, not a single furniture was there. One of her closet she got one apology letter from her friends. She was also came to know that her all savings were also gone. Devastated Han Ji Eun tried to trace her friends but failed. She was  totally forgotten about  Young Jae when he called her to meet.

In the mean time after coming back to Korea he went to meet his designer friend and crush of  many years, Kang Hye Won but witnessed a cuddled moment between Hye Won and Min HYuk.It was clear that  his love interest Hye Won  was interested in Min Hyuk. Jealous evil mind made a plan to use Han Ji eun. He invited Han Ji Eun to dine with him .He also invied Hye won and Min Hyuk at the same time. At first she didn't understand the motive and tried to clear the misunderstanding. But before she could clear it the other guests arrived and Min Hyuk didn't recognize her. Young Jae desperately pushed Han ji un to acknowledge but she was avoiding.

After some time Min Hyuk did recognize her and had a very friendly polite conversation. But Young Jae caught Han Ji Eun's lie and became mad. He remained civilized until the guests left and started to scream at Han Ji Eun for deceiving him. But she was not a weak girl and she also understood his evil plan. She also retort back and walked away hitting him.

On the next morning Han Ji Eun woke up with  noise of many people in her house. They were bringing furniture for the new owner of this house . This was the last nail for Han Ji Eun's coffin. Her one and only possession, Full House was also sold. She tried to convince them that she was cheated but they had legal papers and ordered to leave the house. She packed her bag. But she had no where to go , no one to call. She was waiting for the new owner. Then a car came and he came out from it . They saw each other and shocked.

It's Lee Young Jae!!!!!!

The first episode is  a collage of many incidents. It introduces all four main characters of this drama. While Han Ji Eun is very much a normal girl, Young Jae is full of prince like attitude. She is naive but not a weak girl, capable of survive from any adverse condition and never breaks down. On the other hand Lee Young Jae is vulnerable ,stubborn, and arrogant . But childishness is also an element of his character. So in this episode they met ,they lied,  they used each other, they fought and they hit. Yet  there is so much to come. So, until then keep smiling.


  1. This is my one of the all time favorite drama...keep writing...:)

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