Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What The Hell is This ??????

While I am desperately waiting for the preview of Wild romance episode 11, the recently released photos just  hurt me like a bullet. I don't know what will happen in this drama but these photos of Jessica in bridal dress put me in silence. How she looks is nothing to me, I just wanted to know why the drama production is ignoring the female lead actress. She may look plain in drama ( which is for her role) , but as the lead she deserve some more importance while promoting this drama.

After the entry of Jessica in this  drama as a second lead , all the lime lights goes to her , not that  she is so good that  we can't take our eyes off her. We can say the drama promotion strategy is just revolving around her, while Lee Si Young, even to some extent Lee Dong Wook is also being ignored. The main pair of this drama is doing excellent job in portraying their roles and make this rom- com very enjoyable. On the other hand  Jessica 's acting sucks. I know she is not an actress and it's her debut , so we can consider her. But giving most importance where she doesn't deserve is not fair. She can have them in her own field (music). She looks like dress on a hanger in the drama. Size zero doesn't always look feminine. If she puts some weight on, she will look great.

And in the story of the drama, as soon as Moo Yule, knows Eun Jae's as well as his own feelings will be better. I just can't wait for this, its already 11th episode !!!! We have already watched wildness of the main leads, now its time to have some romance.  :(

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