Monday, April 30, 2012

Chubby Bum to Hot & Sexy Model : All About Kang Ji Hwan in Detective Cha

Guys, you know I am pretty much excited about upcoming Korean movie Detective Cha aka Runway Cop which is definitely not for Song Yuri , my excitement is only meant for  my Kang Ji Hwan. In previously released posters and other photos we can't find our usual handsome Ji Hwan, but in a chubby and dirty bum like appearance showing off his D line. But that is not end of the story because new still of the make over is out and our hot and sexy KJH is back.

 His chubby  look :

does he stink ????

The movie follows the story of Detective Cha Chul Soo with a super heavyweight who’s got more tenacity than skill. Somehow, he is assigned to disguises himself as a fashion model to solve a case. Sung Yuri is set to play a designer to help him undergoing a butterfly makeover in order to be able to infiltrate the fashion world and walk the runway.

Then the Make over:

 Now presenting our Brand New Detective Cha showing off his abs:

What can I say , just "DROOLING" !!

Here is the Trailer of Detective Cha:

(Credit : newsen, aboutkorean)

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