Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Royal Engagement : BTS Fan Photos Spoiling Us To Death

Hearties , it is only one day after the most romantic swoony proposal, when I was trying hard to steady my heart beat , something attacked my poor heart, me died on the spot. And while lurking in  Heaven I saw some familiar faces. Oh! it was  my Ah- Ha couple. you know, the Queen to be  in a white bridal gown and the King in his red royal uniform hand in hand smiling at me and I fainted again!!! After a few minutes I woke up and found me sitting in front of my computer. Ha Ha, I was only spoiler struck !!!!!!!!!

Look at those two love-birds ! It seems King Jae ha will start exactly from where he was stopped in front of the fridge and look at those people hovering  over  this kissing couple ! So it was the filming of engagement of royal couple from the sets of The King 2 Hearts. Ha Ji won, in this white dress fitting her well toned body,  is  just sizzling. On the other hand , we have seen Lee Seung Gi in this red royal dress, but it he looks  totally different in this occasion, totally shinning. Even from the stills we feel their chemistry, the vibe is really awesome. From their glances to each other, their hand , total body language makes us feel the love. A song to describe feelings of Hang Ah when She helplessly melt like ice cream in summer  against  Jae Ha's proposal,

Colbie Calliat's "Magic"

You've got magic inside your finger tips
its leaking out all over my skin
every time that i get close to you
your makin me weak with the way you
look through those eyes

And all i see is your face

all i need is your touch
wake me up with your lips
come at me from up above
yeaaaa, oh i need you

 I remember the way that you move

your dancin easily through my dreams
its hittin me harder and harder with all your smiles
you are crazy gentle in the way you kiss

All i see is your face
all i need is your touch
wake me up with your lips
come at me from up above
yeaaaa, ..... i need you

Here I am sharing some beautiful BTS photos of the set and the royal couple. (thanks to

I guess this engagement will not be aired before 15/ 16th episode. So we have a long waiting before us. So, Hearties, keep your finger crossed to watch this royal ceremony as soon as possible and keep loving The King 2 Hearts, coz, it is totally worthy of it. Fighting!!

(Photo Credit :tryp96, and as labelled )

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