Thursday, April 19, 2012

The King 2 Hearts Episode 10 Text And Video Preview (Updated)

 Text Preview:
Jae ha informs the secretary and other staffs that Hang Ah is going back to North Korea. The Queen mother also receives this news from palace stuffs and all are surprised by this sudden and unexpected news.  Jae shin .....

Video Preview:

(Source: imbc)

 Translated Video Preview:

Hang Ah - "I'll just go on living life thinking that I loved a man deeply."
Jae Ha - "Jae Kang, I know that this is all my fault. I'm really not fit for this."
Mr. Creeper-"I told you that I would make sure that you're taken care of you idiot."
Shi Kyung- "You are the most powerful King in the world."
Hang Ah- "Dad..."
Hang Ah's dad - "Is it a deadly disease?"
Mr. Creeper - "You idiot, if you're still fussing over the truth, you're only fooling yourself."
Shi Kyung- "PRINCESS!"
Jae Ha - "There is a loser (he used a similar word, but far worse :P) that just left, GO CATCH HIM! IMMEDIATELY!"

(Credit: LolliDoAlittle, Soompi )

Another Version of Video Preview:

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