Sunday, April 1, 2012

The King 2 Hearts , Lee Seung Gi . . . . .Me and My Thoughts

Just after two weeks, watching him not for even 4 hours entirely and I am announcing myself as a certified Lee Seung Gi fan. I just can't help it. I was actually not in mood a drama with idol star. Recent encounter with Jessica in her debut drama Wild Romance brought me in this mood. In WR the OTP romance was neglected to utilize star power of Jessica giving her screen space unnecessarily and more over her acting really sucks. So, I was just waiting for a drama with real actors where at least there is no question on acting department. I like to watch a drama where the emotions they deliver can touch me. Although the story is also very important thing but I can bear good actors in bad story,cursing the story writer, at least the scenes they act become live only by their acting skills. On the other hand bad actors just murdering a good story  is Big No to me.

So, in this new drama season, when several dramas started airing I was just in a dilemma which one to choose. I first discarded Love Rain and Fashion King for the obvious reason. Then there are three dramas in question The King 2 Hearts, Rooftop Prince, Equator Man. Among them the first two dramas are also with singer turned actors and the third drama cast is not familiar to me. I have'nt watched Lee Seung Gi before, but I have seen Micky Yoochun in SKS. That drama was good but Micky's acting doesn't suit me. On the other hand I haven't seen Han ji Min but Ha Ji Won is one of my favorite Korean actress. After so much thinking, I have put my bet on The King 2 Hearts where at least acting skill of the lead actress is  out of question and I take risk on Lee Seung Gi.

But he doesn't fail me and this drama itself has one of the best written plot . The King 2 Hearts is based on the story of South Korean Royal family,  where the Prince, second in heir gets  married to girl of a honorable family of North Korea due to political reason and fall in love eventually. But then same political issue wants to separate them. Here Lee Seung Gi is Prince Lee Jae Ha and Ha Ji Won is the North Korean bride Kim Hang Ah. The prince is the younger brother of  the King and a spoiled brat. Lee Seung Gi is played  this role superbly. I just lough at his childishness, get irritated by his cockiness and wanted to punch him when he was acting jerk to Han Ah. So , you can imagine how much I enjoy his performance. At first I was not expecting that he will be such good. I was just wanted that he would not destroy Ha Ji Won 's efforts. What I Have seen is his acting is  not only at per with Han Ji won in this drama  but sometimes I just can't take my eyes of him when the screen is full with other great co actors, even Ha Ji won.

By singing this praise song for Lee Seun Gi I am not underestimating  Ha Ji Won's effort. She is Just Awesome as the kick ass girl. The role of strong and skilled military really suits her. She is just rough in out side, but a soft and super girly inside.

Beside this OTP, the supporting cast is also a big plus point of this drama. The King Jae Kang and Eun Si Kyong are the best . I have seen the King (Lee Sung Min) before many dramas mostly in negative roles but here he is just too good. The relation ship between the royal brothers is so sweet and real. Bromance always touches  me and here the affection to his younger brother makes me pray for his long life in this drama , but I guess the King's death is the most important factor for the progress of the story. I will miss him. Lets come to Jo Jung Suk aka Eun Si Kyong , I have never seen his drama before, not even heard his name and he is like a pleasant surprise. His singing is just melting my heart like Hang Ah. I have listened the Jung Yong Hwa version of this song and I find it dull against this drama version.

The King 2 hearts is showing great potential to become my one of my best watched drama and my expectations are really become very high both for performance of the actors and in story line. I just hope this drama will continue to be such good till the ending.

The Equator Man  and Rooftop Prince are also getting complements from the viewers. I want to try them when my mood will change and have enough from my recent drama obsession The King 2 Hearts.

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