Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The King 2 Hearts Spoiler : Ha Ji Won In Action Again

Hearties, Good News! Good News! Our badass Kim Hang Ah is back again and with a bang. MBC released spoilers again with Hang Ah in action. Ha ji won is doing some very risky action sequences. Is it for saving our Prince , Oh sorry! King Jae ha? I think so . In these scenes Ha Ji Won is also in amusement park precisely on the roof of a ride and there are lots of wires for performing the stunt. So, wuri Hang Ah and TK2H fighting!!

According to the source these scenes were shoot on 14th April at an amusement park in Gyeongju and it took 8 hours to complete. But Ha Ji won who is very famous for her dedication, specially for the action sequences performed  perfectly with out showing any tiredness. So, Hats off to Ha Ji won.

On the other hand , in the drama when we are all only thinking about how Jae ha bring back his love Hang Ah from NK, this spoiler really gives a twist in our thoughts. So excited for tomorrow, just can't wait !!!

(Cr : imbc )


  1. i knew this was coming!!!!awesome amazing yeoja is back!!!!! love you HJW..