Sunday, April 22, 2012

Movie Review : The Vow (2012)

You may be surprised by seeing this new post which is by the way not on The King 2 Hearts. OMG! I mentioned this name again. OK ... OK.. I am trying to distract my self from thinking about that (not again). So, what I am saying is that I have watched a recently released English movie : The Vow, starring Channing Tatum and Rachel MCAdams and I am writing this post to tell what is it all about.
It is a story of happily married couple Paige (Rachel MCAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum). They are both artists, Paige is a sculpturer and Leo owns a music studio. But their happy married life came to an end when they got involved in an car accident on a snowy night. Both of them survived, but paige had a partial memory loss due to her head injury and she forgot last 5 years of her life in which she met, fell in love and married Leo.

So, the movie deals with how Leo tried to regain her memory as well as  his place in her life from being nothing but a stranger. On the other hand Paige's parents who were out of the scene for the last 5 years,  ready now taking this as a chance to get back their estranged daughter. This made Leo's journey especially hard. As if this was not enough, there was a guy named Jeremy , her ex fiancee lurking around when Paige didn't remember why she broke up with him and definitely  still into him like before.
Leo did understand this old Paige who was new to him and made every effort to comfort her , to help her finding present Paige ,his wife Paige. But she couldn't believe that she was actually leading this kind of life. The reasons of leaving law school, parting with her loving parents and of course dumping Jeremy were so unknown to her. And over the top a guy whom she had never met claiming her as his only family , his wife.

So, after half time of the movie Leo, gave up his hope of memory back and tried to start afresh. They even had a new first date followed by make out session. But Paige was still confuse about her forgotten life. She was actually scared of the fact that even if she might remember every thing she couldn't  possibly like this life again . On the other hand Leo became frustrated and tired of being the alien person in her life and with little provocation by her dad and Jeremy they decided to separate their ways.

But it was like new opening for her. Paige tried to lead her life independently and came across some of her forgotten reasons for changing her route of past life. She didn't get her memory back but naturally rerun her life journey  exactly as she had done before. Leaving the law school, being an artist and other past incidents happened again in her life. I can say she found the real and changed Paige in her and of course tried to get her love again in her old and new Leo,

My Opinion: It was a romantic movie mostly with sad vibe but has managed to get a (not entirely) happy ending. Acting wise both leads are okay not being very special. All I can say you can watch it once but without any high expectation. I can give it 6/ 10.

Here is the Official Trailer: The Vow


  1. Thank you for review on The Vow, I haven't seen it yet but the lead characters are some of my favorite actors. I loved watching the trailer and I can't wait till I receive it in the mail. You see I ordered it on Blockbuster @Home. I think I'd probably watch it more then once; luckily I don't have to return it right away. A few co-workers at Dish even told me they seen it and really enjoyed it. So I can't wait to see for myself how great this movie.

  2. The plot of this movie is entirely like Eighteen, Twenty-Nine (Hangul: 열여덟, 스물아홉; also known as 18 vs. 29) a very enjoyable 2005 K-Drama starring Park Sun-young and Ryu Soo-young. According to Wikipedia, it was based on the Internet novel The 4321 Days We Shared. Coincidence? Have any of you seen that series? I liked it a lot.