Thursday, May 24, 2012

The King 2 Hearts Episode 20 (Final) Raw

Hearties! This is the last time posting the new Raw episode of The King 2 Hearts. So, after the heart breaking 19th episode, some of us hoped that Eun Shi Kyung might come back, but this drama deals with reality, it's not a fairytale love story. So what we got, very practical happy ending and I can say me kind of expected that. As this is my 1st drama watching with its actual airing time, I never waited for the next episode so long before this. But TK2H is worthy of this excitement and almost every time surprised me with its awesomeness and unpredictable plot movement. The King 2 Hearts will always keep a special place in my heart and also because it introduces Lee Seung Gi to me. The OTP , STP and every cast member are awesome in their performance. I'll talk about this drama in my next post. But one thing is confirmed that TK2H  is now at the top most position in my all time favorite list . Now enjoy  .....

The King 2 Hearts Episode 20

In two parts:

Part 1:

Part 2 :

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