Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Korean Singer BoA Spotted in The Streets of Kolkata ?

I can't really believe it! Korean singer BoA in my town !!! When Korean entertainment news website reported  that BoA is seen roaming in Indian streets it just made me curious about it . I googled and read every article (which are almost saying the exact lines) , basically I want to know in which city she is traveling. But none of the articles mentioned it. But then  I looked carefully at the photo they provided and BINGO. It is My Kolkata. The name of the nearby shop is written in Bengali and I just knew it.

In those articles they said that it was very hot day even in morning. Yah, nowadays it is nearly 40 degrees celcious in almost every day. And about her clothing I can say it was most wise decision to save yourself from sun burn. It is said that she came for some volunteer work.

(Credit:, OSEN )

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