Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 10 Raw

I'm sure at the end of 10th episode you'll definitely scream Noooooooooo.... no it's not for any thing bad.. It's for the pain that we have to bear while waiting for the next episode. Coz the ending is just Daebak !!!   Yoon- Me Ahri shipper don't expect much from this episode. I'm just thrilled thinking about the episode to come ... OH! its Sunday only.. Saturday Plz come fast..

Here is the Raw episode. Lets Enjoy !!

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 10 :

For those Who wants to know what is written on the tissue :
"Today, my previously made appointment is Seo Yi Soo."

(Note if you remember before, YS wrote him a note and showed him through the window that she hoped next time, she would be the one who makes the appointment with him first (so that he will be seeing her and not seeing someone else as an excuse) Translated by cecilia, Soompi.

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