Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 11 Raw (Updated)

OH Boy!! Can you feel the LOVE !!! Such a great episode! The most anticipated 11th episode is my favorite one. So nice to see so many romantic DJ-YS's scenes... Love the way their relationship progresses with all those bickering.. and sweet moments... But MR is getting the frustrating part of the story ... Plz PD nim do something for her !!

And the KISS .....Love Love Love it! Feeling giddy watching the kisses, tight hugs ... Oh I've to stop here .... 
Here is the raw episode enjoy !! Plz share how you feel about the episode ....

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 11 :

In two parts
 Part 1:


 Part 2:

The things DJ asked to do YS are translated by celest1al @ Soompi

The One-sided Crush Manual

1. Think about only me all day long. You can't eat, and you can't sleep.
2. If in any case, I don't pick up the phone or reply, then be hurt.
3. Hang around my office or my home with the hope that you will bump into me.
4. Even if you see me, just affectionately watch over me from the distance.
5. If I'm talking to another woman, be jealous to the point where you contemplate hitting a car.
6. You must obtain my high school picture and keep it in your wallet.
7. Sometimes without notice, unexpectedly come to my house and make my heart flutter.

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