Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drama Review : Queen In Hyun’s Man

A tons of time travelled movies and dramas are out there now a days, I have watched only few of them (Time traveler’s wife, The lake house, Kate and leopold, Ill mere, Ditto, Cyborg She, Operation Love, Secret etc.)Though they are all famous movies but I don’t think time trippy stories will ever work out for me. While watching I want to love them but at the end I could not, I just find them illogical. But this time it’s different, I surprisingly like watching Queen In Hyun’s Man, I forget all the logical thing while watching it and love it.

The story: 
Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo), a witty, smart and loyal Joseon scholar, who fights for reinstatement of Queen In Hyun, can travel back and forth 300 yrs in time into modern-day Seoul whenever his life is in danger through a talisman. In the future he meets Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na), a rising actress who gets a chance of a lead role in a drama based on Queen In Hyun. Kim Boong Do takes the advantage of his time travel and with the help of Choi Hee Jin he solves the problems back in Joseon era. During that time naturally they fall in love. But without consequence you cannot keep cheating death and have the best of the both world. And Kim Boong Do has to pay for this by giving up his identity, friends and loved one.

Things I like in this drama:

Among the lots of reason which pulled me back to watch this drama, Yoo In Na must be the important one. I love the character she portrays here. Cho Hee Jin is naïve, dumb, impulsive, and shy but yet she doesn’t hide her feeling. She is free going; she does things when she feels like doing it. Which make the character more interesting to watch; you always wait to know what mischievous thing she is going to do next. She doesn’t care about the cause and effect of the things happen with them, she only knows that she loves the man Kim Boong Do who comes from some Joseon era and wants to have him in every way. I think the cuteness of the character add some extra romanticism in the drama.
As for Kim Boong Do, his character is charismatic though, but Choi Hee Jin hooked me up this time. They have a pretty good chemistry together and as a couple they are joy to watch with.There is lots of kissing scene which gives me a giddy pleasure to watch also.

Things I dislike:
Most of the kisses initiates by Hee Jin, Boong Do starts to pick it up later, maybe he takes time to realize his feeling, though that’s not a problem who initiates first because you can’t resist skin ship with the one you love, just that I would like to watch the development and realization of falling in love in Boong Do. Because I am quit not sure, is Boong Do already fallen in love by then when the first few kiss he initiates or he is just playing with her?

The drama could have been ended in 14 th episode, because the last 2 episode seems extra to me. Until the end the story is neatly done but the ending disappoints me.
As we all know nothing is absolute perfect in this world so ignore the bad things here and just enjoy this sweet, refreshing, romantic comedy( with lots of kissing scene).

P.S: Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na become a real life couple after this drama. I want to give them my best wishes.

My Rating: 8/10

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