Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love.............. Refreshing and Cute..

Recently I have watched a Thai movie " A little thing called love" aka "First love". Its a high school romance, but is very much refreshing and I love to fall in love like that. I think its the most vital reason that I like this movie, in fact I love it. Our heroine , Nam is a high school student who fall in love with the most handsome and cute boy of the school. The boy,  Shone is a senior and very much adored by the girls. Like most of the love stories Nam is very much ordinary girl, in fact is called ugly "bug face". But she has one of the most valuable gift from God, FRIENDS to die for.

 So the story starts with the methods to make a senior as boyfriend . Our Nam is trying hard with writing name with star, hypnotize , giving chocolates and so on. But other pretty girls of the school also on the same path, some times they are very fast and also with better plan. Cute boy Shone is polite and good to all but he carries a wound in his heart. people often tease him with a past incident when his father was a football player and missed a penalty kick causing their team defeated. So, Shone never plays in any team though he has a passion and talent of it.As their school days passed Nam tried almost every trick but unable to express her feeling. in the mean time the second hero of our story entered. he is Top , not only  as cute as Shone but also his best friend. he is interested in Nam from the first day. then on the valentines day, Nam who is now much better looking got many gifts but sadly waited for Shone. He came of course! carrying White rose But from his friend. Nam is obviously dissapointed. She got a massage from anonymous to meet and assumes it must be Shone. But it was his friend, Top who then  proposed her to be his Girl friend. 
Nam is confused and decides to reject it. Bur friends suggest it wouldn't be good for her image on Shone if she rejects the proposal with out any consideration. So, Nam considered it with the sole intention to become close to Shone. But eventually rejects it when Top took it as acceptance. heart broken Top then forced Shone to make promise the he would never date Nam becoz it would be very much torture for him . On the next valentines day , Nam decides to confess her feelings. So she went to him and express her heart but even getting any response from Shone she noticed that he is now engaged with a other girl. Crushed Nam then went to USA to stay with her dad.In the mean time we come to  know that Shone also in love with Nam and from very beginning when she was an ugly duckling. but he is bound by his promise. then the story leaped nine years .

Now Nam is a famous fashion designer and being interviewed on TV. She described her first love as her inspiration in life.Then the special moment has come, the host of the show called Shone who is now a professional photographer, the time stand still. Nervous Nam asked him if he is married. After a few breath taking moment Shone said that he was waiting for Nam.

Such a feel good movie. It makes my heart flatter. So I suggest to watch it when you need something to forget our day to day struggling. Keep Loving........ 

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