Sunday, July 10, 2011

LIE TO ME ................Ordinary but yet Special! - by vanny & dt

      Just finished watching this Korean romantic comedy where a woman (Gong Ah Jung) in her mid 20s lied that she is married to a hotel manager (Hyun Ki Joon) from an affluent family and then things happen and they fall in love. Though the storyline is very simple and usual but Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye’s sizzling chemistry, some sweet and overwhelming moments and last but not the least,  the kisses(Oh…. Are they really acting?) makes its place close to my heart. 

First of all, a "must watch" scene was a certain evening under the cherry blossoms. The silent night, gentle breeze, falling cherry petals …..make it a dream like situation and our lead pair was just absorbed by it. They shared their heartfelt thought for the first time and understand each other. This moment trapped them in an unavoidable attraction. Their lips almost met and they stared into each others eye so passionately……………..OWO…………….SOOOOOOOOO romantic and d**n gorgeous. This moment has its own sweetness and can create butterflies in your stomach. 

Just enjoy this moment

There is some uniqueness in this love story that our lead pair has no confusion or doubt from the first day of their feelings and very honest about it and also do not hesitate to show it. This added much freshness to their love story. Our OTP bet their life on this drama to over come lack proper story of a drama. When they are on screen you can live with them. You can feel their joy, grief even jealousy and there is something about their hugs and kisses, these are so real and HOTTT!

There’s the 'cola kiss'......... now every time I see the bottle of cola, it made me think of the sweet 'Cola Kiss'. 

So, this drama has become special with all its awesomeness and lacking. You either love it or loath it. It’s up to you. But there is no place between them.  So watch the drama at least once to know you are on which group. If you like this drama, it will not be the last time and it’s totally worth it. 


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