Friday, January 27, 2012

Man, She is Done it! I Mean Confession!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't understand why most of the Korean drama blogs avoid recapping Wild Romance. I am not saying that it is a great drama but it isn't that bad . It has it's charm and fun factor. I am not complaining about their tastes or choices, but it becomes very hinder some for me to follow the drama when I unfortunately don't understand Korean. I repeatedly watch the raw episodes to satisfy my curiosity before episodes with added subs are available and search the episode recaps which are not available on the popular drama blogs. But my efforts are not in vain. I can assure you this drama has over than fulfilled my expectations which was not very high and I find it very much enjoyable.

But the purpose of this post to celebrate the guts of Eun Jae to confess her feelings. I am very shocked by this. Generally in K drama we endlessly wait for the female leads realization of feelings and confession from a heroine is very rare.  So it makes this drama different. But I know many of us don't wish to see a girl to confess first but I have no such preference. This confession from Eun Jae is so simple and sweet. It feels like she just couldn't hide her crush . It is  not demanding any thing but expresses that she has no choice but falling in love and doesn't know what else to do. I like it very much.
Here is the link for watching this part-   Wild Romance Confession

On the other hand I desperately want to know about Moo Yul's reaction which is very much surprised till this 8th episode. I hope his response will not negative if not positive.  So, just wait.


  1. I'm so happy reading this post, so difficult to meet one who definitely have the same thinking abt this dramma, and also this confession. It was simple and sweet. She did it maybe bcos it was christmas :p. I think MY now having some special feeling with EJ but it's not love (maybe he's just thinking so), so his response should be negative :(. He needs more time and more experience with her to finally know what love is, so just wait :) The next scene i guess will be the appearance of Jonghee, and of course then EJ will leave. So fun to image what gonna happen huh?

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I also don't wish but expect Jung Hee in the next scene. You're right its fun to imagine.