Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop - Very Fresh and Entertaining.......

If a drama contains cute but handsome heroes, a very cheerful and funny leading lady and a very entertaining story what else you want from a drama? Flower Boy Ramyun Shop , new drama on tvN is all about these.With a promising first week it seems very solid.

First of all I am very interested in FBRS for it's male cast. Jung Il Woo ( the soul-reaper of 49 Days) is spreading  all his charm. He plays a rich brat who is a high school student. He is very cool, playboy in nature and takes all most every advantage of being rich. 

But on the other hand our heroine Lee Chung-ah is 24 years old preparing for civil service exam also has a temper problem. The story of the drama is very refreshing. The second lead is also very charming. I am looking forward to see more Lee Ki Woo after his military service. So keep watching and do enjoy...............

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