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Full House Episode 3

Since it is too late, even to apologize for delayed recap of Full House episode 3, I am not asking for it. Instead I am straightly going to tell the story of my favorite drama. So far in this drama Young Jae publicly announces his affection for Han Ji Eun and it not only  shocks the audiences but also himself. It is his very poor way to protect his self esteem but the damage is done.

So the media becomes crazy about Young Jae's declaration of love for Han Ji Eun and newly announced pair escapes from the party. At the office his manager scolds Young Jae for his carelessness and he is also very much pissed up by himself. at last he concludes that the only positive side of this incident is that this marriage can save him from other scandals. On the other hand Han Ji Eun is pretty much dumbfounded. she keeps her mouth shut when on of the  office stuffs congratulates her. They return home silently. 

Han Ji Eun expects some clarification from him about the incident but he remains mute until he orders her to clean the bathroom. Han Ji Eun remembers the kiss happily until she realizes that Young Jae doesn't say anything yet about that kiss. She storms in his room only to find him not properly  dressed. young Jae barks about it , but Han Ji Eun demands reason for his earlier activity. He remains very cool and offers Han Ji Eun to marry him. Han Ji is taken aback by his offer. She blurts out that she doesn't like him and its impossible between them . Young Jae clarifies that he also doesn't like her at all and he is only hiring her as his wife and it's a business deal. he offers Full house as the alumni gift it makes Han Ji Eun to think about it seriously. Young Jae says as long as they both disliked each other it would be a very easy to be divorced later with out any emotional hazard.

Han Ji Eun is very much confused by this offer, she  and Young Jae both pass the whole night awake. Next morning Han Ji Eun Signs the contract with some condition
1. respect each others privacy
2. no physical intimacy
3. period of marriage can't be extended
4. Full House belongs to Han Ji Eun after separation
Young Jae adds that this contract will be null if it is exposed to any body else. 

Then Han Ji Eun is getting ready for the press conference and we get very gorgeous Ji Eun. When Ji Eun is not confident about her looks, young Jae's eyes pop out looking at her. But he hides his surprise and discouraged her saying it's only a disguise. Press conference starts and young Jae  makes  a fairy tale about their love story. he even blurts out Han Ji Eun is very sweet and he is madly in love with her. Han Ji Eun can't believe her ears and remembers their shitty relation while he is building Eiffel tower of romance. reporters even  doubt about  pregnancy as the reason of rushing wedding announcement. Wedding preparation is progressing very fast. Han ji Eun meets Hae Woon who congratulates her. Hae Woon is curious about their wedding and at last calls young Jae but he has not forgotten his anger and avoids the call. At the gym he meets Min Hyuk who expresses his disappointment about Young Jae's  easy give up on Hye Woon. Of course he gets pissed and leaves. 

Back to the cheater friends, they become very excited about the wedding and pay a visit to Han Ji Eun. Han Ji Eun can't control her anger any more and attacks them with the bouquet they bring for her. They say sorry to her. On the other hand Young Jae's dad gets the news of this wedding and becomes  angry. While Han Ji Eun is busy with her chore a mysterious man comes to the house and she is brought to Ilsan. On the way she informs Young Jae about it. 

This is young Jae's original home and she is brought by his grandmother. the granny enquirers about her back ground and gets very shocked when she declares that they are already living together. In the mean time Young Jae barges to the room and takes her out of the house. On their way, his dad appears, but Han Ji Eun can't introduce herself properly. She realizes the bitterness in the relationship between he and his father. As she is pretty much devoid of any family she is very much loud about he misbehave of Young Jae to wards his family. It angers Young Jae and he throws  her out of the car in the middle way . It is pretty evident that Young Jae is short tempered but his anger doesn't take long time to cool and he returns  that exact place but Han Ji Eun is already left. Young Jae waits for her at home and feels guilty. But hides when she returns in a very pissy mood. Han Ji Eun can't bear this and  Young Jae finds her note saying good bye on the refrigerator on the next morning. 

Han Ji Eun goes to her friend's house but they are not at all happy to see her. They inform young Jae and bring  Han Ji Eun to wedding bluffing again. Now, Han Ji Eun has no way to avoid the wedding. Young Jae's dad  comes to Han Ji Eun and very lovingly welcomes her to their family. Han Ji Eun is very much touched by this. Wedding starts and everything goes well. 

Then comes the very exciting Honey Moon!!!!!!!!!!! The couple is on a  private boat in the middle of the sea. they only glare each other. Han Ji Eun gets bore on the boat and complains about it but Young Jae suggests her to run away again. He also says her to swim over any place she wants to go. Han Ji Eun is frustrated and says to stop his childish behaviour. This catches his nerves he starts to act  adult in a very childish way. He scares han ji eun bt physical intimaccy . She can only stammer to remind their condiotions of contract. But Young Jae is not interested any more to obey that promise and corners heer to the rreling of the boat ad then she fells in the sea. Young Jae bids her goodbye and says to swim to the land.

But She can't swimmm..........
Han Ji Eun  screams for help and Young Jae is informed that she can't swim. for the first time for my satisfaction Young Jae is seriously worried for her and jumps in to water with out any hesitation. He has saved her. later on the boat both start aarguing once again. Han Ji Eun tries to inject some thoughts in his mind to clear the differences with his family. She reminds him to be a real Man and blurts a dialogue  " Life isn't that easy"  which irritates Young Jae. thus our OTP enjoy their boat trip and Young Jae doesn't let any chance to make her life less easy. 

They return to land and their Honey moon suit. So, of course it has only one bedroom and Young Jae claims it forcing Han Ji Eun to spend night at the pool side. He doesn't let the opportunity to irritate her . Young Jae suggests to share his bed with her as a wife which infuriates her and she leaves to pool side. but at the middle of the night she can't sleep for the constant mosquito bite and burgs to the bed room and throws herself to the bed. Young Jae is shocked by this sudden invasion and fights against for every inches of bed. It is a hilarious scene . Both of them try to scare each other by increasing physical intimacy and by also peeling their cloths. the competition ends when both of them challenge each other for a kiss . but this time Han Ji Eun can't stand it and run away leaving a very happy Young Jae who is very much proud to teach Han Ji Eun a lessen about challenging him. theu spend their first night full of morning they are not talking to each other, but challenging each other in every possible way in even most childishly shoving their breakfast. latter on the day Young Jae swims and swims to kill the time and Han Ji Eun is bored. Now when Young Jae's anger cools down he peek to see bored Han Ji Eun and besides for sight seeing. He indirectly pushes her to go with her and she is ready to go. 

But then the next problem is there. Young Jae is planning to travel by cycling abut Han Ji Eun Can't do this too. It irritates Young Jae But Han Ji Eun is more irritated when he forces her to learn it at once. they argue every second and Han ji Eun even gets injured. She starts to cry loudly but not for the pain but for her frustration about this trip. Young Jae then shows some of his soft side and offers ice cream. And it works. Next, they enjoy they day with peace and even friendliness. Its very much satisfactory to see them together.

The Honey moon is over at last. Our OTP is back to Full house. Young Jae gets call from Hye Woon for a help. she is not happy with her models and wants Young Jae to do the modeling. but Young Jae rejects her request bluntly by saying that he is very busy now.Han Ji Eun is pleasantly surprised by the furniture in her bedroom Oh!  God , She has a bed now! Han Ji Eun rushes to young Jae to thank him for this big generosity but he informs that the price of the furniture will be deducted from her salary. Then Young Jae unpleasantly surprises her with a bicycle . And Han Ji Eun becomes very upset understanding her tortured near future. 

But the future becomes reality and she is again learning cycling. Young is like swear himself to teach her to the end of the world and she does. Finally Han Ji Eun  able to ride and both of them like completed a mission even celebrate cheerfully. That is the moment Kang Hye Woon makes her entry and realizes what makes Young Jae busy!!!!!!!!!!

 That's all for this time.

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  1. i just love this drama... this is my first korean drama nd i cant believe how addicted i've become :-)