Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My New K- Drama Fever Wild Romance

New year starts and brings some new drama for me. The dramas which are currently on air are The moon embraces Sun , Wild Romance, Take Care of Us Captain. As I am not a Korean and find  Korean history difficult to understand I usually avoid historical Korean drama. And as I am a Lee Dong Wook fan, it is very much obvious that I am watching Wild Romance.

Wild Romance is a very light funny drama. It  brings smile in your lips and some time loud lough for our heart. WR has Lee Si Young (Mischievous Kiss)along with LDW. Here she plays Eun Jae ,a bodyguard of Moo Yul, a popular baseball player. But Eun Jae and her family are the die hard fan of blue team and to them the red team in which Moo Yul plays is the sworn enemy. She is publicly announced anti- fan of him. So they already have a hate relation ship and what happens after she fall for him against her better judgement is the story.

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