Wednesday, October 24, 2012

'Missing You' Released Second Teaser

When I was about to suffocate by watching the same first teaser every now and then and crazily surfing for the glimpse of I Miss You aka Missing You this new teaser is like one glass of chilled water in my desert like heart. These kids are so adorable and I really feel their young love and despate longing for ech other. they emote so well. Yah , it rises the bar for the adult cast. Hope they will do proper justice with the character which these kids gave the base. I'm sure about Eun Hye, but Yoo Chun please do better this time. I'm counting on you.

Second Teaser Missing You

 (Translation credit silmarwen44@youtube)
Soyeon: I like you... I don't like you......I like you... I don't like you... When the wind blows, I think of you. You who erased my bad memories.
Jungwoo: We can just create good memories from now on.....Lee Soyeon. I'm thinking of you.
Soyeon: No. Jungwoo-ya
Jungwoo: Lee Soyeon. I miss you. I miss you.
Captions: When we were able to love, but unable to protect....The age 15....
In November, searching for lost/ yearned for love.

By the way the selection of second lead actor with Yoo Seung Ho surprised me. I could never imagine this. I like this adorable man-boy. But I never thought he could be paired with Yoon Eun Hye in near future. By the way I'm ready to be pleasantly surprised and I've faith in him. 

Some Newly released Stills and BTS pics 

Here is the Character Chart: 

Credit : as labelled, Uploader, Chichocs (soompi), Facebook

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  1. Wao this new teaser is very sad, really MISSING YOU I will a great drama and I wish to see him. Yoon Eun Hye is a great actress and is capable of having chemistry with all the actors he works .