Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Twilight Breaking Dawn............... Best Film of Twilight Series Untill Now

New Twilight movie has hit the theatre and it is reported  to be the best film of this series. This part of the series is called Twilight : Breaking Dawn Part 1. After watching New Moon I didn't have much expectation from the new one, but it makes me wrong. Breaking Dawn has every thing good acting, romance, desire, and insecurity to lose loved one. For me it is the most touching film of the series. 

The film starts with wedding preparation of Edward and Bella .This one of the most beautiful fairytale wedding in movies. Both of them looking stunning. after taking vow they head to their surprise honeymoon destination. They spend their first day as normal couple. I can't help to say that they really look very hot. But then the problem starts. Edward can't feel more sorry to see the wound on Bella's body after their first night. He just can't bear it and decides not to do it any more. But Bella is fine with it and tries hard to convince him. This is the most funny part of the film. We see the, the sexy Bella who is trying hard to seduce Edward and he is  trying hard not to be caught in her tricks. 

Then the real problem arises. Bella gets pregnant which was very much a discovery for them even Carlisle knows nothing about it. They return from their honeymoon secretly . All of the family members try to convince Bella not to keep the baby but Bell is adamant about it. Edward asks Jacob to persuade her but every thing is in vein. The baby grows rapidly and Bella looks like a skeleton. They give blood to save Bella , but in no time baby is ready for delivery. They tried hard but Bella becomes lifeless and their daughter is born. Edward tries to use his venom to save her. The last part is not very much clear to me. But I think Bella becomes vampire.


I am very much interested for the next part. Hope it will be a pleasant surprise.

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